A new century of opportunity

Century of Opportunity

"Founded in 1917, Carlisle Companies Incorporated has evolved and expanded into a decentralized, diversified global company with a portfolio of unique, niche businesses focused on highly engineered solutions in industrial markets with significant aftermarket content.

For the past 100 years, Carlisle has overcome business challenges and adapted to an ever-changing environment. Today, leveraging the Carlisle Operating System (COS) and an entrepreneurial spirit to drive continuous improvement, Carlisle employs over 13,000 dedicated employees worldwide who focus on delivering value for Carlisle shareholders."

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"The Carlisle Operating System (COS) is Carlisle's global, Lean-Six Sigma business transformation and operating system. COS is designed to add value for our customers, support our people and eliminate waste to enable growth, develop talent and increase overall profitability, while reducing the impact on the environment throughout all of our operations. Since the adoption of COS in 2009 the program has generated millions in savings every year. COS continues to transform and link the divisions in a culture of excellence.

COS has transformed the way Carlisle does business, resulting in increased momentum, significantly improved cost savings and growth. The divisions have earned significant awards based on Employee Engagement, Safety, Quality, Delivery and Productivity. Focus on these metrics drives value for our customers, develops our people and provides common divisional and corporate linkage to our culture of excellence."