Seasonal To Hire in Smithfield, PA at Carlisle Construction Materials

Date Posted: 9/7/2018

Job Snapshot

Job Description

  1. Primary Function:

            Production of Poly–ISO insulation to published specifications. Tasks include material handling of product and cutting of feet and finished products to specifications.  Cleaning  and maintaining production areas through housekeeping and waste disposal.

II.        Duties:

Tasks include but are not limited to:

  1. Cutting feet
  2. Cutting panels to customer specifications, including beveled cuts
  3. Ability to read and understand customer signed drawings
  4. Inspecting product for quality attributes.
  5. Maintaining a clean work area
  6. Loading dumpsters
  7. Changing bags in dust collection system.
  8. General labor.
  9. Cutting hips and valleys.
  10. Housekeeping of plant inside and out
  11. Any other duties assigned by supervisor


III.       Knowledge/Skills:

  1. Essential Full Performance Knowledge

                      Required knowledge includes but is not limited to:

                      1.   Knowledge of manufacturing specifications and quality standards.

                      2.   Knowledge of safety aspects of all equipment and the plant’s safety policies.

                      3.   Understanding the impact of sending incorrect/defective material.

  2. Essential Full Performance Skills

    1.   Reading – Production schedule

    2.   Math – Counting of units and piece counts in unit.

    3.   Writing – N/A

    4.   Communication–Interaction with others (primarily with saw operator and supervisor).

    5.   Computer skills – N/A

    6.   Operations of measurement gauges – Tape measure

    7.   Problem solving skills.

    8.   Possible forklift operation - upon receiving Hunter Panels certification

    IV.       Equipment/Data:

    A.        Equipment Operated - Band Saw, Foot Saw, Bevel Saw, Grizzly Saw, and Pallet Jack.

    B.        Tools Required: Various hand tools and PPE as required.

  3. Data Used – Customer signed drawings and specifications

D.        Inter-personnel skills – including the ability to be a team player

V.        Work Environment: Activities occur inside an insulation manufacturing facility.

                        Job includes, but is not limited to, exposure to the following:

            1.         Temperatures - exposed to both ambient/outside temperatures.

            2.         Nuisance dust, use of chemicals, working with mechanical parts, pinch points.

  1. Time Worked: (subject to change)

                A.        Hours Worked - Typically 40 hours per week with overtime as required.         

                B.        Days of Week Worked-Typically Monday thru Friday, with weekends as required.

    1. Shifts Worked - (3) shifts, 8 hours a day but will be adjusted as required

  2. Physical Requirements

                Physical requirements include but are not limited to:

                A.        Dexterity to operate controls and settings.

                B.        Standing and walking while operating and monitoring machines.

                C.        Climb ladders.

                D.        Slight possibility of operating forklifts upon certification from Hunter Panels.

                E.         Hearing, listening to equipment for possible mechanical problems.

                F.         Ability to visually inspect material being produced.

                G.        Must be able to lift 50 pounds.

                H.        Climb and bend to perform various duties in the production area.

                I.          Check product quality (thickness, length, width, and overall appearance).

                J.          Ability to verbally give instructions in a noisy environment.

  3. Supervisory Duty:

This job has no supervisory responsibilities.

  1. Educational Requirements:

            A.        Education -High School Diploma

            B.        Equivalency - GED/ demonstrated math, writing and reading skills.                      

X.        Experience: N/A